"What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other."
 – George Eliot

Website Re-Design

Does your website look old and outdated?

For example:

  • Is your copyright current?
  • Is your contact information up to date?
  • Have your services been changed and/or updated but are not reflective on the website?
  • Does your website design look dated and old?

We can help! We will work quickly and efficiently to update your site, bringing its content and/or look current. Whether you need a complete redesign or a simple freshen up we will help you accomplish your goals in the most cost effective way.

The Process: We will sit down and meet side-by-side to determine what you'd like to have done. We will take that punch list and let you know the cost to accomplish these and, if your budget allows, we will do it all at once. If the cost is more than you can spend, we will work with your budget and pick and choose what can be done and save the other items for later.

Click here for an example of a website refresh.

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