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 – Og Mandino

Hosted Exchange

Anytime, anywhere access to your Email and more.

Hosted Exchange gives you the rich features of Microsoft Exchange Server without expensive upfront investments in hardware, software, and training. Use Hosted Exchange to connect to our servers for mail while gaining features like public folders, shared calendars, shared contacts, and instant messaging. All this for a fraction of the cost of housing the service within your organization!

Low monthly rates: We host Microsoft Exchange at our location, so you have no investments on hardware, software, firewalls, backup systems, training or implementation of Exchange.

Plus everything that Microsoft Exchange offers: Calendaring, Meeting Scheduling, Public Folders, Shared Contacts and Task Lists, web mail, Enterprise-class email and more! We also support cell phones including iPhones and Blackberries.

When you call, we know you and your history:

Tired of talking to a different support person in a different country every time you call? Not with us. You get straight to the person who knows how to troubleshoot your problem and we know our customers personally.

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